Hebei Hehuang Paper Machine Clothing Co., Ltd.

We are a professional paper machine clothing manufacturer, with annual productivity of 800,000m2.
With 35+ years of experience and constant feedbacks from customers, we provide the best solution according to your conditions!

Hehuang is a trust-worthy manufacturer specializing in forming fabrics and dryer fabrics for paper machinery. We are able to produce fabrics of over 800,000㎡ annually.

From production, application, technical support, service to technical sales, you are backed by our extremely experienced experts. We have experts in application to devise optimum solutions based on your requirements on machine configurations of forming section and dryer section, machine speed, pulp composition, paper types, paper grammage and quality, etc. We have an experts-led team to provide technical support and profession knowledge on maintenance and customized optimization. We have experts in technical sales with a team ready to answer any questions you may have regarding on fabric specs, application, technical details, customer success story and trainings on various subjects such as safety and fabrics application, etc.

We are committed to working in close cooperation with you in order to promote first-class paper machine clothing!

We offer 4 kinds of forming fabrics for various applications in the forming section of paper machine.

2.5-layer forming fabric (8-shed and 16-shed) for universal use and pulp specifically, and SSB triple-layer forming fabric (5-shed, 8-shed and 10-shed) for universal use and sanitary paper specifically.

    1. 2.5-layer Forming Fabric (8-shed and 16-shed)
    2. 2.5-layer Forming Fabric (8-shed and 16-shed)This 2.5-layer forming fabric uses double-layer weft structure with weft ratio of 2:1. This design provides high retention, long service life and strong strength. It is applicable for any paper grades, machine speed, and in all kinds of paper machinery. More
    1. 2.5-layer Forming Fabric (8-shed) for Pulp
    2. 2.5-layer Forming Fabric (8-shed) for PulpThis 2.5-layer forming fabric for pulp has good dewatering capacity, smooth surface, strong strength, excellent sheet release and durability thanks to its dimensional stability and corrosion, wear and pressure resistant features. More
    1. SSB Triple-layer Forming Fabric (5-shed, 8-shed and 10-shed)
    2. SSB Triple-layer Forming Fabric (5-shed, 8-shed and 10-shed)This SSB triple-layer forming fabric uses a design of warp ratio of 1:1 (paper : machine side), and weft ratio of 1:1 (2:1 and 3:2 are available). This super fine design exceeds the demand of any paper grades and any paper machinery. More
    1. SSB triple-layer Forming Fabric for Sanitary Paper (4-shed and 5-shed)
    2. SSB triple-layer Forming Fabric for Sanitary Paper (4-shed and 5-shed)This SSB triple-layer forming fabric for sanitary paper is a thin structure with high dimensional stability and little stretch. Its high FSI yields zero wire mark, high retention, and smooth sheet surface. In terms of dewatering capacity, this design also delivers consistent dewatering in cross machine direction. More

We offer 4 kinds of dryer fabrics for various applications in the dryer section of paper machinery.

1.5-layer dryer fabric (round yarn), 2-layer dryer fabric (round yarn), single warp dryer fabric (flat yarn ) and double warp dryer fabric (flat yarn). We have different options of dryer fabric suitable for your dryer section, positions, paper grades, paper grammage and machine speed.

    1. 1.5-layer Dryer Fabric (Round Yarn)
    2. 1.5-layer Dryer Fabric (Round Yarn)This round yarn 1.5-layer dryer fabric features a range of 400-500CFM in air permeability, suitable for making paper which demands higher air permeability. Comprising high hydrolysis resistant material, it is especially (durable in the face of challenges posed by) resistant to heat and steam. This weave structure delivers high thermal transfer, low air carry, excellent cleanliness and a strong seam. More
    1. 2-layer Dryer Fabric (Round Yarn)
    2. 2-layer Dryer Fabric (Round Yarn)Round yarn 2-layer dryer fabric has air permeability range of 500-750 CFM, enabling it suitable for making paper requiring high air permeability. Long service life is guaranteed with high hydrolysis resistant material comprised. The efficient drying is delivered due to its exclusive weave structure. More
    1. Single Warp Dryer Fabric (Flat Yarn)
    2. Single Warp Dryer Fabric (Flat Yarn)The flat yarn single warp dryer fabric is a time-tested design with an air permeability ranging between 160-750 CFM. It is recommended for all paper grades. The flat yarn reduces wire mark and provides the best possible sheet contact for efficient drying. In addition, the thin single warp system is convenient due to low air carry, good cleaning property and quick seaming. Durability is also guaranteed by the strong seam. More
    1. Double Warp Dryer Fabric (Flat Yarn)
    2. Double Warp Dryer Fabric (Flat Yarn)This flat yarn double warp dryer fabric offers an air permeability range of 90-375CFM. In addition to the benefits offered by the flat yarn like efficient drying, long lifetime, runnability and easy cleaning, the seam-less design formed by the double warp avoids seam marking issues in addition. More

We cover training for installation of forming fabrics and dryer fabrics; training on application and safety with extensive examples;
We measure and analyze dewatering capacity, dryness and retention in all wire parts;
We evaluate the status of forming fabric and paper machinery and offer our solution.


Founded in 1987, Hehuang is a professional manufacturer specializing in forming fabrics and dryer fabrics for paper machinery. We are able to produce fabrics of over 800,000㎡ annually. 35 years and counting of dedication to the refinement of technique, technology and our equipment, we aim to provide reliable and trustworthy products to our customers. Now, we have diversified products covering the need for any paper machinery and any paper grades.