• Follow-up tracking of our forming fabrics and technical support
    • Fabric installation and start-up training
  • We have an array of experienced experts stand by to provide professional service in fabric application, paper production, technical support, to end product sales.

Our Products
    1. Forming Fabrics
    2. We offer 4 kinds of forming fabrics for various applications in the forming section of paper machines.
      2.5-layer forming fabrics (8-shed and 16-shed available) and SSB triple-layer forming fabrics (5-shed, 8-shed and 10-shed available).
      Individual solutions are proposed to match your conditions and demands, thus reaching higher efficiency for your operation. To work out the best solutions, please contact us with your demands regarding fabric structure, dewatering elements layout, pulp grades, wet end chemistry, machine speed, paper types, and paper grammage, etc.
    1. Dryer Fabrics
    2. We offer 4 kinds of dryer fabrics for various applications in the dryer section in paper machines.
      Round yarn 1.5-layer dryer fabric (400-500CFM), round yarn 2-layer dryer fabric (500-750 CFM), flat yarn single warp dryer fabric (160-750 CFM) and flat yarn double warp dryer fabric (90-375 CFM).
      We have different options suitable for your dryer section, positions, paper grades, paper grammage and machine speed.